The Conservative Environment Network Manifesto

I am a member of the Parliamentary Caucus of the Conservative Environment Network (CEN) which consists of Conservative MPs who support conservation and decarbonisation. The CEN has recently launched it's manifesto which I have attached for your information.

MP's column

As someone who first stood in a parliamentary election shortly after the expenses scandal, restoring trust in politicians is something I take most seriously.

Derek takes part in climate change debate

I was grateful for the opportunity to take part in the debate today in Parliament titled ‘Tackling Climate Change, protecting the environment and securing global development’.

Treliske declares major incident

The news that Treliske Hospital faces an emergency and that outpatient appointments are being cancelled because of ‘extreme pressure’ on services is clearly unacceptable.

Paving the way for the 'Road toZero'

I was pleased to receive the below letter today, outlining the pathway to 'Road to Zero'. This is a great step in the right direction. For Cornwall and other rural areas, the switch over to electric vehicles will need to be well thought out.