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400 billion tonnes of ice melted into the sea in Greenland in 2012. Four times more than in 2003. The ice is melting faster than expected and in regions where the ice was not expected to melt. Should the ice melt altogether then the sea level would rise by 23 feet.

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In a debate last week on economic growth in the South West I was keen to stress that there is an area that offers great opportunities to create skilled jobs and a sustainable future and that Cornwall has a specific tale to share. We have a positive track record of caring for our environment.

Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners Launch New Plan for 2019

Against the backdrop of Brexit-related economic uncertainty, the Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners have taken the decision to focus on improvements to the harbour environment that will bring tangible benefits in the current climate rather than longer-term, larger-scale development via EU fu

MP's column

It may have escaped people’s notice that the Government’s energy price cap came into force on 1st January. This is unless you have seen a recent rise in your supplier’s standing charge.