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A vibrant tourism sector relies on good transport networks and, at the moment, public transport is nowhere near to offering a viable alternative to cars for most tourists. Therein lies the problem.

Derek says a Big Thank You to St Ives volunteers

Dozens of unpaid volunteers from the St Ives area gathered at the town’s Salvation Army HQ for the third and final Big Thank You event organised by West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas.

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Few would disagree that it is a matter of strategic national interest to ensure that our country can feed itself. For the first time in over 40 years we have a historic opportunity to design a domestic agricultural policy that will create a more productive and sustainable farming sector.

Hard work will ensure an exciting future for the UK as we leave the EU

West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas says that while he is relieved by the fact that Parliament has finally done what it was tasked to do and that the UK has now left the EU, much hard work must be done to ensure the country capitalises on the opportunities that independence brings.

MP's column

On Monday Government introduced the NHS Funding Bill which sets out the funding settlement for the NHS. The Bill commits to an increase of £33.9bn by 2024 in real cash terms and I was pleased to contribute to the debate.