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The fishing industry has been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Much of what we catch is exported to the EU and countries such as China. Because of this and despite the clamber for food in our supermarkets, demand for UK fish effectively collapsed.

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At the time of writing 13 cases of coronavirus had been confirmed across Cornwall and Devon in the past week - individuals diagnosed with the disease as a result of a lab-confirmed test.

MP's Column

All eyes may appear to be on the coronavirus outbreak but life after this crisis needs to be very different to what we had become accustomed to.

Derek comments on Dominic Cummings

There is great interest regarding No 10’s Chief of Staff, Dominic Cummings.

As a parent I can understand why Dominic Cummings and his wife would wish to ensure their child was in good hands once they had developed coronavirus symptoms. 

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Government must step in and fund brain tumour research! A brain tumour diagnosis is a devastating event in any family and, if you have experienced this, you will know how important it is to find a cure and to find the very best model of care.

A chance to talk to your MP

Anyone living in West Cornwall or on the Isles of Scilly has the chance to speak remotely to their MP through both Facebook Live and Zoom over the next fortnight.