MP's column

This week Barclays reversed its decision to stop customers withdrawing cash from post offices. This follows intense pressure from MPs, including myself, Post Office Ltd and Treasury Ministers. Barclays is in no doubt as to the strength of feeling against their initial decision.

Brexit delayed until January

This month the Prime Minister, secured a revised deal between the UK and the EU. The backstop was replaced with new custom arrangements.

MP's Column

The level of concern for the future of our planet has been acutely amplified since the IPCC’s reported last October that we have 12 years to reverse a climate catastrophe.

Survey correction

Every household in West Cornwall and on Scilly should either have received or be about to receive a survey from me asking householders what they believe should be the priorities for future investment in the area.

What is the Government doing to prepare for Brexit?

Lots is being said to try and distract people from the work that is going on in order to leave the EU, with a revised withdrawal agreement, on 31st October. There is still time to do a deal and negotiate a future agreement of trade and cooperation.