Working towards the things that matter...

I value the importance of constituents raising their concerns with me and I receive a large volume of emails and other correspondence each week which means I get a good picture of your issues and interests. To me, getting results is a priority. Since I was first elected in 2015, I’ve been working hard at delivering real change for West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

To do this effectively, I have chosen a few broad topics that I believe matter to my constituents and where I feel I can help make a real difference. I also feel these are areas people would like to be updated on, and so as well as reporting the work I am doing, I do my best to publish current advice and relevant news via these pages on my website. 

  • Brexit Matters 
  • Health Matters
  • Our Planet Matters 
  • Local Growth Matters 
  • Community Matters 

If you feel there is an issue I am not currently championing please get in touch here.