Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Assuming that we are serious about developing green energy, does that mean increasingly covering Cornwall's farmland in solar panels and wind turbines is a good idea, or are there alternatives?

Health and Social Care

“What are your views on the future of NHS services in Cornwall and how they are funded?”

My Commitment to Improved Transport Links


'As the economy recovers we must fight hard to get good transport infrastructure across Cornwall and with the rest of the UK. Better transport links will reduce the sense of isolation many of our communities feel'

I will work to ensure we improve transport links.

A Cornish Assembly

“Should more power be devolved to Cornwall and, if so, in what form? If the answer is ‘no’, please say why not.”

Wear a Hat Day

I am Derek Thomas and I am honoured to be the Conservative candidate for the 2015 General Election in the St. Ives Constituency also known as West Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly.