MP's Column

The amount farmers are paid for milk is in the news once again and it seems that decisive action will be taken. However, for some it may be too late. Dairy producers are getting 25-50% less for their milk today than twelve months ago and already 500 dairy farmers have been lost in the UK.

Learning Disability Partnership Board

Today I briefly attended the Learning Disability Partnership Board meeting co-chaired by Cllr Jim Mckenna. This group of people including people who have learning disabilities represent all those who have learning disabilities, those who support them and service providers in Cornwall.

A fair price for milk farmers

You will be aware that an initiative to create a new milk brand has been worked out between farming industry representatives and Morrisons.

A Stadium for Cornwall

Today the big round table meeting happened with the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in West Cornwall.

Health and Social Care

I have been working to address the challenge of bringing health and social care together in meaningful integration.

MP's Column

I visited Helston Community Hospital and met with Nick Buckland OBE who is the Chairman of Peninsula Community Health (the organisation that runs the community hospital). Together we toured the hospital and met many of the nursing staff there.

Road Safety

I was privileged to introduce the Government Minister with responsibility for roads Andrew Jones, to a small group of local representatives in Crowlas today.

St Ives Coastwatch

I visited the St Ives National Coastwatch Institution Station and met the Station Manager and those on duty with Mayor Linda Taylor. 45 people keep a look out from here for everything that moves on the sea and coast from 7am through to 7pm every day.

MP's Column

The fatal accident on the A30 last week was a personal tragedy for the bereaved and will be a trauma in many lives long after we have all moved on.

Bosence Farm

I visited Bosence Farm to catch up with the community there. For years now people with alcohol problems have been helped to beat their addictions and get their lives back on track.