Constituents Riding for Adam – The Story Continues

Mark Bayliss, a local constituent and James Van Cleef, his brother-in-law, are fundraising for Cancer Research UK in memory of Adam Van Cleef, James’ son and Mark’s nephew, who they lost to cancer in June 2018.

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I’m more likely to nappies discuss at home than during the course of my day job but I was glad to meet Oona Burch on Friday promoting her Cornish Real Nappy Library.

Derek congratulates Boris Johnson on becoming the next Prime Minister

Many congratulations to Boris Johnson on being elected leader of the Conservatives and the next British Prime Minister! Boris kindly responded to my questions and I’ve taken just a fraction of his responses to each topic to set out how I hope things will pan out.

Derek welcomes new measures set out in Environment Bill

I care deeply about environmental enhancement an protection and have and so I was pleased to receive a letter from the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, setting out more details on the Government’s flagship Environment Bill. Amongst the new measures, this letter set out:

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The challenges facing RCHT Treliske must act as a greater stimulus to accelerate the good work being done to integrate the pathway between health and care services across the Duchy.

Derek asks Minister to help small businesses achieve net zero

In the Commons Chamber today I pressed the Government to consider how we can make interest-free loans available to small businesses to retro-fit their buildings and install renewable energy technologies such as the fund that enables publicly-owned buildings to become more efficient.