MP's column

If Brexit is the national crisis as described by some, then something is just not stacking up. I checked the definition of the word crisis in the Oxford Dictionary. If we believe the Office of National Statistics then their statistics do not support the dictionary’s definition.

MP's column

We are not building the homes local people need in West Cornwall or on Scilly according the National House Building Council (NHBC), the UK’s leading standard-setting body and insurance provider for new homes.

Speeding up diagnosis for AS arthritis sufferers

As chair of a new group aiming to help those suffering from a painful form of inflammatory arthritis, West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas is pressing for an end to the long wait patients currently have for a correct diagnosis.

Withdrawal Agreement Impact on Fishing

I sought to clarify how the draft Withdrawal Agreement addresses the issue of UK fishing and access to UK waters.

This is the response I have received from DEFRA:


The UK’s red lines on fish have been protected.


The “meaningful vote” deferred: What now?

On Monday 10 December, the Prime Minister told the House of Commons she would no longer be asking it to vote on the motion to approve her deal with the EU on Tuesday 11 December.