Work continues to improve Mousehole sewage infrastructure

Mousehole residents will know that SWW and their contractors, Glanville Environmental, recently completed work to replace a 510-metre length of rising main in the village.

The existing rising main had suffered four separate leaks last year, resulting in widespread disruption and upheaval, before the programme of works was agreed.

I am very pleased that Glanville were able to complete the work on schedule despite the tight timescale and the physical challenges of the job.

However, the rising main project is only one of several issues in Mousehole that SWW is looking to deal with and this Thursday, 20th June, Glanville will be back in the village checking on the condition of the gravity sewer line.

The work, dependent on the performance of the pumping station and a suitable period of dry weather, is due to start at around noon and continue through the low tide cycle.  No tankers will be required.

Looking further ahead, probably after the summer season, repairs are required to the pipe work within the Sewer Pumping Station Wet Well.

The wet well will need to be drained to investigate the issue in greater detail and this will be followed up with repairs at a later date.

This work will require the use of tankers but SWW say that they will be used in a planned manner and, in any case, would only be for short durations and not during unsociable hours.

I will post further details about this as and when I hear more from SWW.

Should you have any urgent queries before this time please contact the SWW operational helpline on 0344 346 2020.