What is the Government doing to prepare for Brexit?

Lots is being said to try and distract people from the work that is going on in order to leave the EU, with a revised withdrawal agreement, on 31st October. There is still time to do a deal and negotiate a future agreement of trade and cooperation. It is of course vital at the same time that we prepare for the remote possibility that Brussels refuses any further negotiations and we are forced to come out with no deal.  

Since taking office cabinet minister Michael Gove, who has responsibility for preparing for no-deal Brexit, has made great headway with arrangements.

What is the Government doing to prepare for a no-deal Brexit? 

  • Dedicated cabinet team that meet daily to discuss preparations - as of 25th September it has met 48 times
  • £6.3bn total no-deal funding
  • £434m to help ensure continuity of vital medicines
  • £344m to be spent on new border and customs operations
  • 500 Border Force officers, taking the total of new officers up to 1,000 
  • Extra staff to deal with a rise in UK passport applications  
  • £30m to bolster infrastructure around ports
  • Additional funding for 'Operation Brock' reducing traffic disruption in Kent
  • £108m to help exporters prepare for Brexit & to exploit new opportunities
  • £9m announced to get ports and local areas ready for Brexit
  • £5m to be given to local councils which either have or are near to a major air, land or sea port
  • £4m to local resilience forums.
  • £138m will be spent on a new information campaign to encourage readiness for Brexit 

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