Vote on Syria

We have watched the brutalisation and murder of untold numbers of innocent people in Syria and to date we have done little to intervene.
We have worked extremely hard to cater for people in refugee camps in neighbouring countries so that one day they can go home and rebuild their country. We are the second largest donor worldwide in terms of aid.
MPs were given a clear indication that we are now in a position to intervene - we could and we should.
Recent experience in Iraq, the request of the democratically elected Iraqi Government, has shown that British military action can be taken to resist and push back the evil that is known as Daesh. There has been no reports of civilian as a result of British military action.
We are told that we have the capability to remove the safe havens that Daesh have in Syria. Safe havens that are used to plan and direct attacks in the Middle East and further afield such as Paris & Beirut. We can also take action to reduce their ability to sell oil in order to fund their terrorist activity.
The United Nations Security Council on November 20th 2015 unamiously resolved that member states take "all necessary measures" to address the threat of Daesh.
The Vienna talks on Syria's future are taking place and a clear plan is being drawn up to establish a political solution.
Our humanitarian aid work continues and we can get emergency aid to the people who need it when it is safe to do so.
There is a conference in London in January to agree how Syria's infrastructure can be rebuilt and how this will be paid for.
The action we have agreed to is an extension of the work that is already taking place in Iraq at the request of the Iraqi Government. This is not a new war and, whilst the decision of the MPs may seem unpopular, every colleague I have spoken to firmly believes we are working to stop the war and our armed forces are fighting to establish peace in the Middle East.
I voted in favour of British action in Syria because at this time I think it is the correct thing to do.