Surgical Mesh Review

West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of a nine-month review into the safety of medical devices and cited the surgical mesh scandal as an example.

The Government has also said that it will conduct a full prospective registry of all mesh procedures used to treat incontinence and prolapse in women. Surgical mesh implants are medical devices used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence.

On the day of the announcement last week, Mr Thomas pressed Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to go further and state that surgical mesh should be used in the future “only when there is absolutely no alternative”.

Last October, in a House of Commons debate on the issue, Mr Thomas detailed several harrowing case studies from his own constituency and argued that these women had suffered experiences which could and should have been avoided.

“It’s excellent news that the Government realises that there are serious concerns about the safety of mesh devices and has agreed to conduct this review,” he said following Mrs May’s announcement.

“Lessons must be learned from the awful complications many women have experienced since undergoing mesh surgery and proper processes must be put in place to stop this happening in the future.

“The mesh scandal shows what can go wrong when devices are aggressively marketed to doctors and then used in patients for whom they were unsuited or unnecessary.”