Supporting fishermen during coronavirus

I have always worked closely with Cornish fishermen, industry representatives and the Government to support the Cornish fishing industry as much as possible and during this unprecedented time I will continue to do what I can to help fishermen.

I understand that there has been a large amount of disruption to the fishing sector due to coronavirus which is affecting the price of fish caught on the Cornish coast. I am of the opinion that this fresh fish caught on our coastline represents high quality and nutritious food that could be easily made available to purchase by local people who are in need of good food as they take measures to self-isolate and social distance.

I will be putting pressure on Defra to support fishermen and am hoping to meet with Food and Farming Secretary, George Eustice, as soon as possible to press this issue further. George is a Cornish MP himself and I know he will be doing all he can to support the industry at this vital time.