Supporting Community Pharmacy.

I joined a number of Community Pharmacy representatives at Number 10 today to deliver a petition in support of community pharmacies signed by 1.8 million people.
The Government see community pharmacies as a crucial part of the plan to reduce pressure on our hospitals and as a key player in the work to improve people's health.
The pharmacists are keen to help but there is a proposal to reduce the money available to help them adjust to this extended role by 6%.

Savings can be made and community pharmacies can help to make these savings. These include reducing the amount of drugs that are disposed of each year, helping people manage long-term health conditions and stay out of hospital, providing checks and tests that help to provide early diagnosis of illnesses and take some of the pressure from GP practices.

I led a debate on this issue earlier this year and the work continues to ensure community pharmacy is enabled to increase its frontline NHS health provision for patients.