Statement on the Stadium for Cornwall

Since January this year there has been a considerable effort across the political divide and between council officers, officials in Whitehall and the stadium partners to secure the necessary funding required to build the Stadium for Cornwall. The stadium proposal provides a home for Cornish rugby and Cornish football. It also provides extended opportunities in further education, facilities to support health and well-being for all abilities and an outreach to schools and training establishments across Cornwall. The stadium also has the potential to offer a home for non-sport related events which will further add to the Cornish economy.

In the past two weeks meetings have taken place between Cornish MPs, council officers, civil servants and Ministers both in the Treasury and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. Cornwall Council Officers and Stadium Stakeholders have also met with representatives of Sport England to further develop the project and address queries raised by officials. There is more work to be done to satisfy officials that the stadium delivers for the people of Cornwall and this work is well advanced. There is no doubt of the desire amongst Government Ministers and civil servants to ensure the stadium is built. If this was not the case the meetings referred to above simply would not have taken place. 

However, it is right that, in order to secure public money, the stadium proposal clearly demonstrates it can deliver a wide range of benefits for the people of Cornwall and demonstrating this continues to be the primary focus. It is hoped that the combined cross party support for the Stadium for Cornwall, which has been so valuable to date, is maintained.