A Stadium for Cornwall

All is not lost for the Stadium for Cornwall.

When the Council made the decision to defer the West Langarth Planning Application I feared that the best chance to get the stadium built was lost.

However, I have held the view that Cornwall deserves a stadium - why should we not have what other counties take for-granted.

I spoke with David Cameron's office and, on his visit to Penzance yesterday, David Cameron told the media:
'We are not prepared to let Cornwall remain without a stadium any longer. Previous efforts to build a new ‘Stadium for Cornwall’ have stalled so the Department of Culture, Media and Sport will work with Sport England, Cornwall Council, local sports teams and other local interested parties to find a way to get a new stadium built. We will work up different options by autumn 2015, with a view to ensuring construction of a new stadium begins as soon as possible after that.'

So, if elected on May 7th, I will be at the front of this effort and deliver what so many people have been campaigning towards for nearly a decade.

It is my firm view that building a Stadium for Cornwall would be a boost to Cornwall and a boost for our local economy. Who knows what other regeneration projects we could see - hopefully in West Cornwall, if we can express to the world a confidence to invest in our future?


Photo: With David Cameron yesterday following his announcement for the Stadium for Cornwall.