St Martin-in-Meneage School and Broadband Survey

I'm asking people that live locally to St Martin to fill out this short survey regarding the proposed closure of St Martin-in-Meneage School.

I also would like to know more about the quality of mobile phone signal and broadband service in your area.

More information:

St Martin-in-Meneage School, has served the village for 135 years, is part of the Keskowethyans Multi-Academy Trust. In August, the Trust applied to the Department for Education to close the school.

A small local working group has developed plans to keep the school open. I am supporting their efforts and I am keen to ensure that the Regional Schools Commissioner (who advises the Education Minister whether to close a school or not) has all the relevant information so that any decision made is in the interest of our children, our families, and the wider community.

This survey is intended to ensure accurate and up to date information is available, and that decision-makers understand local opinion on this issue.

Please click here to fill out the survey.