St John's Hall

As many of you will know Cllr Cornelius Olivier and Derek Thomas met with council officers, the Project Manager and one of the architects on Friday to discuss the concerns raised in relation to the front elevation of St John's Hall.

As a result, Derek said "There is no doubt in my mind that the extension of the steps into the traditional entrance of the building is an unfortunate compromise. However, the thinking behind this decision has clearly been driven by the desire to ensure that the building has a viable future and is accessible to everyone."

"General access to St John's Hall will now be at a lower level than we are used to. As a result the external ground level has been lowered hence the need to extend the steps. Despite the steps being extended the majority of the forecourt area has been retained which is a plus in my book. Stone from the existing building is to be dressed by a local stonemason and used to clad all sides of the concrete blockwork that you currently see. I welcome the fact that a vast building, that for years has not been fully used, will soon be used to its full capacity for the benefit of everyone in West Cornwall."

Attached to this page are the proposed plans for the development.

These are PDF files that may need Adobe Reader, depending on your Computer. Click the description to view the file.

St Johns Hall Upper Ground

St Johns Hall Lower Ground

St Johns Hall Mezzanine

St Johns Hall First Floor