Spending Review 2015

Good news for West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Tax Credits: Chancellor: 'We've had representations that these changes to tax credits should be phased in. Because of the improvements in the public finances, the simplest thing to do is not to phase these changes in, but to avoid them altogether.'

A new Education Funding Formula: This is great news and a result for the Southwest MPs who have been campaigning for fair funding for Education, Health and Policing.

Extra money for mental health and no cuts in the police budget has also been announced. £6billion extra for the NHS next April will help with our campaign for more money for NHS Cornwall, our hospice care and to help fund the integration of health and social care.

A 50% increase in transport infrastruture will make it easier to win my argument to speed up rail times, get a dedicated freight on the rail service and to improve the A30 from St Erth.

Increasing spending on science and innovation, as the Chancellor has announced today, will help to create well paid skilled high tech jobs in West Cornwall and on Scilly.