Regeneration and Housing


My commitment to support regeneration and provide local housing

'We are expected to welcome large housing developments on our green fields when we all know there are empty properties and redundant sites that appear to be ignored, such as the former Vospers site that needs a local solution - it's no wonder that we oppose these large developments! We absolutely MUST increase housing supply. I just don't think we're being very creative about it.'

I will work to ensure we provide homes that people need and can afford.

To achieve this we need to:

• Build homes on redundant sites. I will work with Cornwall Council to speed up house building on these sites. The former Penwith Depot in Penzance, for example, is an eyesore that has been earmarked for local housing since the days of Penwith District Council.
• Work with owners to bring into use their empty houses. If just half of the empty properties that exist in this constituency were refurbished we could house over 500 local families. I will see what can be done about this.
• Encourage developers to build where they already have planning permission. We are all aware of sites where planning permission has already been granted but no work has been carried out. I will work with the industry to get things moving.

The regeneration of Mounts Bay

As a Member of Parliament in Government I will not accept the continued decline and decay we have seen over the past two decades.
Mounts Bay, Penzance Promenade and our harbours are amongst our most valuable assets in West Cornwall. Furthermore, a prosperous Penzance will bring benefits to much of West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

I will fight tirelessly to regenerate Mounts Bay.

To achieve this I will:

• Work with businesses leaders, elected representatives and Cornwall Council to agree a plan. I will work with everyone involved to reach an agreement on what should be done, what can be done and work to see that it is done.
• Secure public and private investment. Public money is available if regenerating our sea-front create jobs. I will do all I can to secure every penny possible. This investment will create the confidence needed by private companies to build new homes and new businesses.

I will reverse the neglect we have seen in Mounts Bay..