Reducing childhood obesity

MP Derek Thomas has called for tougher measures to protect the health of children in West Cornwall by pledging to work with Government to push for policies that will reduce childhood obesity.

At an event hosted by the Obesity Health Alliance (OHA) in Westminster to celebrate to implementation of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy, Mr Thomas committed to make tackling obesity a personal political priority.

“High levels of obesity are one of the biggest threats to public health in the UK today – and we have to do everything possible to help children be a healthy weight, otherwise they are at risk of carrying a whole range of health problems into adult life,” he said.

“The Soft Drinks Industry Levy is a significant step in the right direction – but we also need to see tougher measures on areas such as junk food advertising. 

“Currently, millions of children see adverts for junk food during family time shows which fall outside current regulations.  This loophole needs to be closed.”