The Queen's Speech

Firstly, witnessing the Queen give her 63rd speech to open Parliament is a great honour (especially in her 90th year). Quite an incredible lady.

The key areas that stand out for me are:

A renewed commitment to introduce a fair funding formula for our schools. This will be very beneficial to schools in West Cornwall.

The Modern Transport Bill which includes the Spaceport plan and development of UAVs has the potential to create significant numbers of well paid jobs including at Goonhilly and at RNAS Culdrose.
Charging foreign visitors who use the NHS has to be a good thing as the NHS deserves every extra penny we can muster.

I firmly believe that the British Bill of Human Rights will improve rights for victims and the most vulnerable in our society.

Making it easier to adopt a child must happen. Offering a living home to a child in care has to be one of the greatest things someone can do.

The Neighbourhood Planning Bill will give new powers for people to shape developments in their home areas. Exactly what St Ives are seeking to do!

Prison reform is urgently needed. In a civilised country prison must be more than keeping communities safe. Prison must also be a place where people can be supported to change their lives and rebuild their lives when they complete their sentence.