Please Share: Getting Cornish on the Census  

I am interested whether you agree with Cornwall Council’s request to have a “Cornish” tick-box included with the 2021 Census.

The Cornish identity is a huge economic driver that cuts across sectors. It supports around 12,000 jobs with a business turnover of some quarter of a billion pounds. The Cornish brand for example in food and drink promotes popularity and helps the achievement around one third of the output and employment of the Cornish economy.

Cornwall Council says that a lack of a “Cornish” tick-box:

  • Underrepresents those who identify as Cornish, thus impairing the quality of the census data;
  • Fails to afford the Cornish parity of UK national minority status, and undermines the Government’s ability to meet its monitoring and reporting requirements under the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities;
  • Hinders our understanding of the relative deprivation suffered by the Cornish, including housing and labour market, health, and educational inequalities;
  • Limits our ability to maximise and measure the economic impact of cultural initiatives.

Having a tick-box in the censure would mean the economic impact of cultural initiatives could be measured, and greater resources levered into projects supporting Cornish identity and culture. 

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