A new report from the Medical Technology Group

West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas has backed a new report from the Medical Technology Group (MTG) that highlights the social and economic benefits of improving patient access to life-changing medical technology on the NHS.

The report - ‘Keeping Britain Working - How medical technology can help reduce the cost of ill health to the UK economy’ - reveals how taxpayers could be saved vast sums of money if the NHS consistently used just a handful of technology devices.

The money saved could be reinvested into the NHS for more nurses, equipment or facilities. The report also illustrates how using technology devices, such as implantable defibrillators, gets patients back to work quickly to create both social and economic benefits for families and communities.

Mr Thomas, who hosted a parliamentary event last week as part of Medical Technology Week and led a debate in Parliament 12 months ago to consider what could be done to accelerate access to new, innovative diabetes technologies, said: “This report makes a compelling case for the broader adoption of medical technology devices for NHS patients. There’s a clear benefit for patients and a strong economic argument that would benefit the NHS and the wider economy.

“As much as £476 million could be saved through things like insulin pumps and pacemakers – that’s money that could be re-invested in the NHS, at the same time as giving patients better outcomes.”