My Commitment to Jobs and Skills 


'Addressing the need for more skilled and better paid jobs is the single most important thing an MP can do to improve people's quality of life and share wealth here in West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. I do not accept that we must remain a low wage economy. With strong leadership and a willingness within the business community we can create more skilled and better paid jobs for local people.'

I will work to ensure we create more skilled jobs.

To achieve this we need to:

  • Build confidence within the business community. I am working with business leaders to establish Cornwall as a good place to do business. I do not tolerate the view that we are at the 'end of the line'.

  • Improve mobile phone signals and broadband capabilities.  £5 million secured to improve mobile phone reception in Cornwall and 99% of Cornwall to have Superfast Broadband.  These are binding commitments made by government and are things I have been relentlessly campaigning for.

  • Convince business owners to relocate to West Cornwall. Good health services, good schools, low crime, improving transport links, a good quality of life - need I say more?

  • Create 'Bespoke' skills training to meet the demand.  I have been talking with training providers to see what can be done to ensure our local workforce can get the skills they need in areas such as engineering and digital technology etc.

  • Use local wealth and expertise to support new business.  I am working with local business leaders to create an environment where local people with expertise and personal wealth can support and nurture fresh talent in business.

George Osborne 'I have discussed with Derek about his plan for increasing the number of skilled jobs in West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. I believe his idea of using local expertise to nurture and support entrepreneurs could work well in Cornwall. It will create more jobs and greater prosperity. I am looking forward to discussing this further to see if there is anything the Government needs to do to assist Derek in this.'