My Commitment to Improved Transport Links


'As the economy recovers we must fight hard to get good transport infrastructure across Cornwall and with the rest of the UK. Better transport links will reduce the sense of isolation many of our communities feel'

I will work to ensure we improve transport links.

To achieve this we need to:

Improve rolling stock on our rail network and reduce journey times.

I have been in regular contact with the Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin to stress the need for further improvements to our rail links - I am preparing the case to fight for a twice-daily 4 hour London/Penzance service.

Improve the A30 and maintain our roads.

Dualling the A30 to Loggans Mill, Hayle has now been agreed.  I will argue for improvements to the A30 all the way to Penzance.  In 2014/15 the Government made over £10 million available for repairing our roads - I will work to secure further investment to make our roads safer, quieter and better for all road users.

Apply some fresh thinking to our bus service.

Our bus service is needed to connect our rural communities to our town centres and to get people to and from work.  I will work with Cornwall Council and local communities to maintain and improve this vital service.

Patrick McLoughlin 'Derek has a clear plan for shorter train journey times to Penzance to help the local economy. We are working hard to reduce travel times through network improvements and by introducing improved rolling stock. A vital part of the Conservatives' long term economic plan for people in Cornwall is improved transport connections. I look forward to working closely with Derek to make it quicker to get from London to Penzance.'

Connecting Cornwall through good transport links is good for business.