My Commitment for Health and Social Care


My commitment to Health and Social Care

'As a married father of two children, with my parents living close by, I am grateful for the NHS provision we have in Cornwall. In fact in the past 18 months both my parents have been patients at West Cornwall Hospital and both have had fairly major operations at RCHT Treliske.

I will always work to ensure you receive the right treatment at the right time and in the right place'

I will work to ensure that the healthcare we need will be available.

To achieve this we need to:

  • bring health and social care together in meaningful integration in Cornwall. I will do everything I can to ensure that people are cared for in the community as much as possible.

  • reduce demand on frontline NHS services. I will be active in my support of measures that help us to enjoy healthy lives and avoid urgent medical attention*.

  • attract more nurses and medical professionals to work in Cornwall. I am a vocal and enthusiastic fan of life here in West Cornwall. When recruiting key workers we should promote our good health services, good schools, low crime, improving transport links and our good quality of life.

*In 2010 I called for 'wellbeing health checks' for those of us over 40 yrs old. These are now available through your GP. Wellbeing checks are one way to identify health risks at an early stage but very few of us make use of this service.

Richard and Pat Palmer from Ruan Minor, said 'We contacted Derek to discuss health services in West Cornwall. Derek visited us at home and listened to our concerns. His energy and enthusiasm impressed us and we're encouraged by his thoughts on how health and social care could work together better. We also find his integrity and Christian commitment reassuring.'

Our record on the NHS: The Government has increased the NHS budget by £12.7 billion this Parliament. The Conservative Party will protect the NHS budget and provide an extra £2 billion each year to frontline NHS service in England. There are now 9,000 more doctors, 2,000 more midwives and over 7,000 more nurses. There are 6,000 less managers than in 2010.