MP's Diary

The brutal murder of Jo Cox MP has shocked and saddened people across the UK.

As MPs, including myself, make the journey back to Westminster there seems to be an unofficial review or reflection taking place regarding what kind of politics we want to be a part of going forward. The natural response when tragedies occur is to look for lessons we can learn and see what changes should be made.

Having spoken to colleagues I know that, despite the circumstances of Jo's death, we will not be withdrawing from being out and about in our constituencies undertaking our work. Meeting with people is what the job is all about. Easy access to elected representatives makes British politics and our democracy so strong. However, as we reflect on the past week, I hope we can move away from the adversarial culture that seems so acceptable in British politics.

I believe myself to be pretty streetwise but I have been shocked in the past year by how grown adults sometimes talk to each other and by the things that are said on social media about fellow human beings. Let's step back from this. There will be many things that we will continue to disagree on but we may find opportunities for compromise that can only lead to a better, fairer society.

On Saturday I joined villagers in Nancledra for their lunch and naming ceremony of Cledry Meadow. I also took my family to the Breage School Fete and the medieval-themed Armed Forces Day in Porthleven.

These events are examples of what a great country we live in despite the sadness of the past weekend

Derek Thomas
Member of Parliament for St Ives