MP's Column

However people voted in the EU Referendum, most people tell me they want the Government to get on with the job and get the best deal for Britain.

Firstly, this means the Cabinet pulling together and not giving the media any more reason to focus on gossip rather than the real issues we care about. We want to maintain the greatest possible access to EU markets and continue to work with our European neighbours on common problems like climate change and terrorism. We also want control over our borders, law and money.

This is all possible, as is a good deal for British fishing and farming which is why I have personally spent so much time meeting with our fishermen and farmers and ensuring their priorities are fed back to Ministers and Government officials. Tonight (Thursday) I am meeting with a small group of EU Nationals, all people who have contacted me with concerns for their future in Britain. Only a stupid government would close the door to people who contribute so much to our economy and culture.

The term control over our borders is not about closing borders but ensuring that we know who is here, that we have the skills we need and that people who threaten our security are easily and effectively removed. Tonight I hope to reassure people who live and work here but also to understand more about their concerns, so that I can work to ensure Ministers are able to handle the issue of rights for EU nationals living here and UK nationals living in the EU, in the most sensitive and constructive way possible.

These are all themes addressed at the Conservative Party Conference this week as is the ambition to be a global Britain. Conservatives believe in a Britain that is a global leader. We have a duty to tackle global problems like climate change, and lead by example on moral issues like global poverty and animal welfare.

Finally, this Saturday is the Great Western Dog Walk at the Godolphin Arms, Marazion, from 9am in aid of Cornwall Hospice Care. Come, enjoy a walk on the beach with or without a dog!