MP's Column

I'm disappointed David Cameron feels he can no longer lead the country. A large number of MPs, including myself, had signed a letter urging him to stay. He's the right person to lead the negotiations, not just with the EU, but with other nations as we build and expand our trade relations.

Both George Osborne and David Cameron have achieved remarkable growth in exports to countries outside of the EU since 2010. This is one of their great strengths and has contributed to the UK's economic recovery.

People rightly want to know how we go forward. The people who have the answers are ready and waiting to engage in this process.

I am not talking about the new Prime Minister  or MPs.

I'm talking about the farmers who know their industry, understand what needs to be done to ensure they can keep producing our food, keep caring for our countryside and remain competitive with our neighbours.

I'm talking of fishermen who understand fish stocks and mixed fisheries much better than Brussels ever did.

I'm talking of engineers, scientists, business owners (big and small).

I'm talking about our financial experts and those who run the strongest financial centre in  the world and I'm talking about our diplomats, intelligence and security services.

I'd share people's nervousness also if our nation's future was left to politicians. Our job is simply to ensure the best people are at the table when we work out what Great Britain in Europe but not run by Europe can look like.

Transport infrastructure has lacked investment and our roads and railways are straining under the demand of today. The Government has been addressing this and people are well aware of the dual carriageway work at Temple and the scheme to dual the A30 east of Chiverton Cross to start in 2019.

These schemes are part of the Road Investment Strategy 1. Today Highways England are consulting on the Investment Strategy 2 to be funded by the Road Fund Licence. I want to see the A30 West of St Erth included in this strategy and now is the time to make our voices heard. Take part at

Derek Thomas

Member of Parliament for St Ives