MP's Column

Government warnings that a Brexit would lead to a stock market slump and a fall in house prices could be viewed as an attractive outcome for many people in West Cornwall (and across the country particularly for younger voters).

A fall in house prices for many would be helpful. People stepping onto the property ladder would find a drop down in the purchase price a welcome step up! Furthermore, whilst you or I may receive less for the sale of our current home we would pay less for the home we move to.

Many people have very little, if any, savings so the stock market argument from the remain camp gains little traction. The reality is that there are unknown risks to staying in the EU and unknown risks if we were to leave.

One area that concerns people, many who are supportive of continued EU membership, is TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). I have been paying close attention to the negotiations regarding TTIP, which is a proposed trade deal between the EU and the USA.

President Obama is keen that the deal is done before his term of office comes to an end this year. However, there is considerable and widespread concern that this agreement will make our public services, especially the NHS, subject to legal challenges from companies abroad in order to protect their commercial interests.

A number of Conservative MPs, including myself, put forward an amendment in Parliament that sought to put pressure on the Government to exempt NHS services from the Transatlantic Trade and investment Partnership.

In the event of a Remain vote on June 23rd and if TTIP progresses, it is essential that we protect public services, our food and environmental standards, and our democratic system.

Royal Cornwall Show takes place this weekend and this event gives us the opportunity to celebrate our great county. I am sharing my time on Friday across a number of stands including the National Farmers Union, the Federation of Small Business and the Country Land and Business Association and look forward to being on hand to listen to any concerns people have.

Derek Thomas
Member of Parliament for St Ives