MP's Column

There were live spider crabs and lobsters on the platform at Paddington Station on Monday and they certainly got the attention of busy commuters. What we take for granted in Penzance was clearly fascinating to Londoners.

To build on our Freight on the Rail initiative I have booked three large rooms in the Houses of Parliament to host a Cornish and Isles of Scilly Fair on March 8th. This event is designed to introduce quality locally-produced goods and produce to London buyers. If your business would benefit from a stand at this event please email me. You will receive a registration form but please note there is no guarantee that every business will be allocated a stand as space is limited.

This event helps to demonstrate the demand for our Freight on the Rail project and celebrates so much of what we do so well here in the far south west.

Early in the morning, before most of us have surfaced, a group of dedicated men and women are busy sorting our Christmas cards and presents (and invoices, catalogues and letters asking for donations but on this festive occasion we can overlook this). I called in to see our postmen and women in the Helston Sorting Office on Friday morning with fresh pastries from Warren's Bakery (thank you Warren's) as a thank you for the work they do especially at this time of year to spread goodwill and cheer!

Neighbourhood Watch volunteers have for years helped to prevent crime and maintain strong communities. Often their work goes unnoticed and unappreciated. I was pleased to have the opportunity to speak at their Penwith Area Crime Prevention
Group/Neighbourhood Watch meeting on Friday evening and have taken away a long list of community safety-related queries to address!

New Neighbourhood Watch volunteers are always appreciated and I know you will receive a warm welcome. Please email me and I will forward your details to the person responsible.

Taking British military action in Syria is not a decision that any MP took lightly last week. However, I trust the information we were given and have complete confidence in the ability of intelligence services and our armed forces. MPs were asked to engage in the international effort to eradicate the safe haven Daesh has established over significant parts of Syria. This, alongside renewed efforts to establish a political solution for the Syrian people and our ability to mobilise a significant humanitarian aid effort, is the best chance we have of enabling refugees to rebuild their country.

More information on why I voted in support of British military action in Syria can be found on this website or at

Derek Thomas
Member of Parliament for St Ives