MP's Column

There is general agreement that we need housing that local people can afford.

Currently the scene is pretty complicated and it is not absolutely clear that the various schemes available are achieving the desired result.

I have been working with a small group of people that know the industry to see if we can simplify things here in West Cornwall. This group includes developers, financial advisers, estate agents and planning consultants. I have also been seeking the views of councillors and people who need to secure a home to live in.

One discussion that I have been keen to contribute to is 'right-to-buy'. It is right to encourage people to aspire to owning their home.

I favour a voluntary code for social landlords. We need a model that makes homes available to buy and ensures that the social landlord can replenish the housing stock.

We need to protect the housing stock where it is impractical to build replacement properties such as on the Isles of Scilly and for small housing trusts etc.

I am also looking at creative methods of bringing redundant houses back into use for local people.