MP's Column

It's regrettable that the Transport Portfolio Holder, Cllr Bert Biscoe, felt the need to wade in so publically regarding the issue surrounding fining drivers who parked on verges in order to attend the funeral of Mr Hocking.

Following this incident and in order to discuss other parking-related matters, I contacted Phil Mason, Head of Service level (responsible for Parking Services) and Kevin Bryant, the Senior Manager below him to arrange a meeting. I intend to pursue this meeting on behalf of those that received a penalty notice.

I also want to find some way forward for care and support workers who are being commissioned by Cornwall Council and the NHS to carry out an essential service on their behalf. In a few areas of West Cornwall, care and support workers find it difficult to park their cars close to where their patient lives. This can result in reducing the time available to provide the care and support required or result in a parking fine because the trend has been to carpet our roads in double yellow lines.

Our council officers and elected representatives are there to provide services on our behalf. With this in mind I hope to win compromise on the matters I seek to address.

Imagine you are blind and you need to use a public toilet! What would you touch before you found the toilet, the loo roll, the flush, the hand-basin? And would you find the door to get out again?

Check out this website:

The RoomMate is an electronic, wall-mounted device, which gives bespoke audio description in a disabled access toilet.

I met the couple (Steve and Helen) who are behind this simple but incredible invention at my drop-in surgery in Mullion. I will assist all I can to help get their product into as many public toilets as possible.

The fight is on to remove Business Rates from public toilets. Toilets can hardly be described as businesses and my Cornish colleagues and I are talking to the Treasury in an attempt to get the business rate charge removed, saving this constituency tens of thousands of pounds each year.