MP's Column

The Middle East refugee crisis continues to be a cause of grave concern. The escalating situation in Syria is sure to cause further displacement of people from their homes and there will be further scrutiny of the response of the Western World.

We should not be slow to help and the UK continues to lead the way in Europe by providing humanitarian aid to the refugee camps and in Europe.

Whilst our contribution to this effort exceeds £1b other wealthy states have contributed woefully small amounts in comparison. I say this because I still firmly hold the view that the best course of action is to provide safe refuge as close to peoples' home country as possible. I also fully support the view that it is better to accept refugees into the UK from the camps themselves.

This ensures that we can help those most in need, that we can properly prepare for their arrival and that we can maintain, as much as possible, our national security. We need to work for peace in the Middle East and help the people of Syria in particular, to rebuild their country and maintain their own culture when it is safe to do so. We are not there yet.

In the meantime, I hope that we can extend the hand of friendship across the country, including Cornwall, to refugees who need our help.