MP's Column

First thing this morning I met with another care and support provider. I am determined that we get to a place where we have enough care and support providers to meet the demand. One thing that would help care and support workers is to provide parking permits. A lot of valuable time is lost finding parking spaces and walking to and fro. I also met with St Margaret's Housing Society to confirm with this small organisation (that provides housing for local people) that they will almost certainly be exempt from right-to-buy.

I then met with an optometrist to discuss what I can do to assist their efforts to raise awareness about eye health as many people are suffering from deteriorating eye health that can often be reversed if caught soon enough. It is estimated that the cost to the UK economy through poor eye health is £22b. Tonight I attended the St Keverne Parish Council meeting as part of my commitment to support and help every Town and Parish Council as they take on greater responsibilities.