MP's column

Sub-Post Offices are dependent on customers using the services offered and I’m pleased that cash deposits have increased by 43%, cheque deposits by 15% and cash withdrawals up by 13% in the past year. This is partly driven by high street bank closures which, in themselves, are not great for high streets. However, transferring this banking function to post offices gives the Sub-Postmaster a more viable business. Added to this, the increase by 300% of payments for bank transactions this month hopefully encourages us all to use the post office wherever possible. I hosted a very constructive meeting on Friday with representatives of the Sub-Postmasters Federation and the team looking to secure a permanent post office in Newlyn. This work is being duplicated in Lizard where we now have what could be a very innovative solution and the first of its kind and in Porthleven and Carbis Bay where we need a local business to indicate an interest in hosting a post office counter.

In the latest auctions for UK wind power contracts an agreement was reached to build wind farms in the North Sea with enough capacity to power 6 million homes for as little as £39.65 per megawatt hour. This is good news for the sector and for households as it represents a fall in price per megawatt of £30 in just two years. Britain is fast becoming the world leader with off-shore wind power on its way to generating a quarter of the energy we need by 2025. In a debate last week in Parliament I reiterated my belief that, in a relatively short amount of time, we could dramatically cut our carbon footprint through clean transport, efficient homes and buildings and increasing further energy generation through renewable sources. If this transformation is supported by robust legislation and financial assistance to low income families the effect would be to reduce the cost of living whilst improving our natural environment and our health.

Imagine a product that sits outside your home and consumes all of your household waste and generates your energy in return. This product exists, it’s called HERU and I’m in discussions with the inventor and Government to see if this can be funded for households in the constituency to demonstrate its effectiveness and ability to cut carbon emissions!

Safe access to dog-friendly beaches! For dogs and their owners, access to dog-friendly beaches can often be uneven and unsafe for many walkers. This is an important issue to me because this year’s restrictions tended to ignore the requirements of people who struggle physically to get on and off dog-friendly beaches and ignore the fact that dogs are often essential companions, not luxury items. 

You can have your say! Cornwall Council is running a public consultation to determine what access dogs and their owners will have on our beaches next year. Take part in the consultation by November 19th at and search ‘dogs on beaches PSPO 2019’