MP's column

Helston Community College can finally deliver lessons from their new building after a marathon effort to get the thing built! For too long staff and students have put up with classrooms that did not lend themselves to a positive learning environment to say the least. I’m delighted that they can enjoy this new space and concentrate on the job of learning! With the announcements this week of additional funding for schools, Helston Community College now has the building and should have the extra funding required to continue their fine service to Helston and the surrounding area. 

Parliament returns as does the mischief and efforts to distract from the job in hand. I am against ruling out leaving the EU without a deal. I do not favour this but the possibility of a No Deal scenario seems to be the only thing that can open up the Withdrawal Agreement in Brussels to find an acceptable method for leaving the EU and start on the work to agree a fresh relationship of co-operation and trade. I believe that a Withdrawal Agreement can be secured by the end of October if the Government and negotiators in Brussels are able to fully focus their efforts on this. 

Much is being said about the Government’s actions. The truth is that the MP’s who are denying Brexit are the ones showing contempt for democracy and for the British People. I have received emails suggesting that Philip Hammond, David Gauke, Rory Stewart and Dominic Grieve are behaving honourably by seeking to take over the order of business in the Commons. I’m afraid I disagree. Each voted in favour of triggering Article 50 and they were as aware as I was that the legal default position is No Deal. They worked to undermine the former PM from securing an acceptable deal with the EU and continue to do so now. Honourable MPs who held positions in Government (as did three of this group) would have resigned from their Ministerial positions, voted against triggering Article 50 and worked from the back-benches to find a way to reverse the referendum result. They have never supported the referendum result (which is their right) and they have not worked in a transparent and democratic way to further their cause (which, in my view, is outrageous).

Things may have changed by the time this features in print. At the moment the plan is that MPs return to Parliament on October 14th for a Queen’s Speech bringing an end to the current session of Parliament (the longest for nearly 400 years). Time will be given to debate and vote on the content of the Queen’s Speech and to debate and vote on Brexit before we leave on 31st October, including the new deal with the EU which the Government hopes to strike at the EU Council on 17th and 18th October.

During Conference Recess I shall be hosting my usual drop-in events right across the constituency if the current situation permits. This is something I’ve done on multiple times through the year ever since I became your MP and provides the opportunity for anyone to raise any issue, concern or idea in person.