MP's Column

To promote widely and wildly what Cornwall Council already has in place to help cut costs and cut carbon is my 15th suggestion for Cornwall Council’s Carbon-Free Plan. is a site to which you can register and find others making the same journey as you. Register on the site and you can find people who are able to share transport. I should have done this when I went to RNAS Culdrose Station Reception at the end of last week. A large number of people also attended from West Penwith and we should have travelled together. Cornwall Council have done the hard work in setting the scheme up and I strongly encourage the Council to use any communication they routinely send out to advertise this useful tool. Hopefully this tiny effort in this column will help to promote the site. My visit to RNAS Culdrose was a treat and an opportunity to talk with serving personnel and enjoy the tradition of the ceremonial sunset.

Last week I pressed the Government for a new community healthcare hub with beds to be built here in West Cornwall following the recent situation at Treliske when the hospital was closed to new admissions. Addressing the Health and Social Care Minister in the Commons I pointed out that ever since I was elected – and many others have joined me – we have looked at how we can provide a step down, step up facility, a community healthcare hub with beds in the St Ives constituency. I questioned what funding can be made available to achieve this aim. The answer was to put the case for capital investment at the Spending Review. I’ve since written to Boris Johnson asking him to pay particular attention to this given his renewed commitments, ambitions and statements made last week in the House of Commons to ensure NHS funding reaches the frontline. I have respectfully requested funding for a new NHS community health and social care hub with beds in the St Ives constituency. I’m personally encouraged by the appointments Boris has made to his Cabinet, in particular Sajid Javid as Chancellor, Andrea Leadsom as Business Secretary and Theresa Villiers as Environment Secretary. They are all personal friends of mine which will help my cause on behalf of West Cornwall and Scilly. They also happen to be very competent politicians and have all visited West Cornwall in an official capacity.

I’ve also been encouraged by the drive Boris seems to have towards domestic policies. There is no reason to park domestic policy whilst resolving the Brexit question and I have been impressed by the detail Boris has set out regarding the direction of travel in a number of areas including policing. As London Mayor Boris chose his team and then let them get on with the job. It seems that he intend to lead in a similar fashion at No 10 and this has to be welcomed.

I was very sad to hear of the passing of Rev Julian Drew. His service to West Penwith and, in particular Newlyn, over decades is well regarded and countless people can claim to have been married by him, christened and baptised by him and had loved ones laid to rest with his care, leadership and humour. It is now his turn to be laid to rest and the crowds at his service will be testament to his service and how well loved he is.