MP's column

Let Nature Sing. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has released ‘Let Nature Sing’, a recording of bird song with an excellent accompanying video. Please download and promote the song amongst your friends. The Let Nature Sing single can be found on the following link:

Let’s get it in the charts! The song raises awareness of the declining numbers of British birds (it is estimated that there are 40 million fewer today in the UK) and the need to protect and enhance the natural environment.

Suggestion week three as Cornwall Council considers Carbon Free by 2030 and following the very positive cross-party declaration of a Climate Change Emergency in Parliament last week: Establish a Cornish Citizens’ Assembly. A Citizens’ Assembly is a group of people who are randomly selected and, in the case of a Cornish Citizens’ Assembly, would be charged with identifying a successful route to becoming carbon-free by 2030. The assembly would hear from experts, ask the difficult questions and help to establish a plan that leads us to a carbon-free environment and a healthy economy. This would enable free and open thinking and debate and, in my view, provides an effective method of identifying the measures that are needed while gaining public support. Without public support we will not achieve our carbon free goal.

Last week I hosted a Q and A with businesses in Helston and the Sector Inspector Ian Thompson. Ian gave a helpful overview of rural policing and how priorities are now set. Those present identified a few areas of concern regarding community safety. Ian was able to explain exactly who to contact and how. We were left in no doubt that our policemen and women will target resources where needed if the correct information is available to them. I set up this business forum with the support of a representative of the newly formed Helston Community Interest Company and if you would like to know more please contact my office.

On Friday a group of parents met with me to share their experience of raising children who have special education needs. We meet every three months to discuss particular concerns and as a form of mutual support. We discussed plans to reduce college for pupils with an Education, Health and Care Plan to three days a week, access to dentistry and the cost of transport. Senior Council Officers will be attending our next meeting and, again, please contact my office for more details.

Also on Friday the Jobs and Growth Round Table met to focus exclusively on the difficulty faced by business to find the employees with the skills they need and the difficulty people face accessing the skills to do these jobs. This is not unique to West Cornwall but it is more challenging to get the skills match right. As a group of local business representatives, community leaders and elected representatives, we are working to identify ways of removing the barriers that stop businesses growing and employees getting the high skilled better paid jobs they want without leaving West Cornwall.