MPs call for Cornish residents to be permitted to display the flag of St Piran on vehicle registration plates

Two Cornish MPs are calling for the inclusion of regional flags, including the flag of St Piran, on driving licences and vehicle registration plates.

West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas and Scott Mann, who represent North Cornwall, want to replace the EU banner with the distinctive black and white Cornish flag once Britain leaves the EU and are leading a debate in Westminster on the issue today (Wednesday).

Since 2009, it has been legal to display the Union Flag, the Cross of St George, the Scottish Saltire and the Red Dragon of Wales on vehicle number plates and Mr Thomas believes that extending this right to other regions would be welcomed by Cornish residents.

“Once Britain has left the EU, there will be more opportunities to safeguard and promote our Cornish identity,” he said.

“Permitting motorists to display the flag of St Piran on their vehicles is a relatively simple yet effective way of enabling people to proclaim their Cornish identity and I know that many residents in the county would be proud to do so.”

The two MPs have been in contact with the Secretary of State for Transport, Andrew Jones, who has confirmed that while the UK remains a full member of the EU, all the rights and obligations of EU membership remain in force.

“Any decision as to how the driving licence and number plate designs may look in future will be made following a thorough assessment of the impacts,” he added.