MP Derek Thomas seeks priorities from West Cornwall-wide survey

A leaflet dropping on the doormat of every West Cornwall home this week will give people the chance to give their views on important local issues.

Devised by local MP Derek Thomas in a bid to ensure he is properly informed about constituents’ concerns, the ‘What do you care about in West Cornwall?’ leaflet includes sections on five different topics.

Residents are asked about their priorities for improving the local road network, whether they support plans to designate West Cornwall and Scilly as a Dark Sky area and about the strength and speed of their local broadband and mobile coverage.

Mr Thomas is also asking constituents to identify properties which have been lying empty for a long time in a bid to see if they can be used to alleviate the serious shortage of housing in the area.

In addition there is a section on Health and Social Care with a brief questionnaire testing people on their knowledge of the best place to go for treatment for a range of different conditions and complaints.

“The leaflet covers the key issues which people in West Cornwall are most concerned about when contacting me,” said Mr Thomas.

“These include failures in our road system, the shortage of housing, the frustrations people feel when let down by their phone and broadband providers and the pressures on our health and social care system.

“If we want to improve the prospects of everyone living in West Cornwall, these issues must be addressed and I hope that people will take a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire so that we can identify how best to tackle the challenges ahead.”

To make it easier for residents to return their leaflet, every single post office in the constituency has agreed to receive the surveys.

“I am very grateful to all our sub-postmasters and postmistresses for helping with this and I hope that it will promote the unique role they have at the heart of our community,” added Mr Thomas.

Once filled in, the leaflets should be dropped off at any post office in the constituency by March 31st; alternatively the survey can be filled in online at