MMO Consultation

West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas is encouraging anyone who requires a marine licence from the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) to take part in a consultation looking at revising the cost of marine licence application fees.

In a bid to see applicants paying a greater proportion of the cost of a marine licence, the MMO is consulting on the introduction of an online self-service portal for Band 1 marine licence applications and reducing the number of sub-categories for Band 2 applications.

It is also looking at amending the caps on maximum fee levels and increasing the hourly fee rate charged for Band 2 and Band 3 marine licence applications from £94 to £122 per hour.

Mr Thomas said: “I understand that the MMO is looking to revise the fee structure and fee levels for marine licencing to reflect the full cost of a marine licence.

“There has been an increase in costs incurred by the MMO since 2014, when the current fee levels were last revised and which they say need to be passed on to business, reducing reliance on the tax payer.

“Those who require marine licences may have their own views on the proposed changes and I would urge them to visit  to take part in Defra’s online consultation which runs until 1st February.”