Matt Hancock's Response



I’m a huge fan of this agenda & very proud to have played a small part in the end of coal as a major power supply - though we’re not there yet. 


I’d also widen the agenda to clean air too - less of a problem on the Isles of Scilly but a major problem in many of our towns and all of our cities. 


Specifically, I agree with your policy proposals on skills, research, tree planting (both town and rural - a national forest is good but we need urban trees too), and support for local authorities. My own West Suffolk authority has put solar farms on their own land, which raises revenue to keep council tax down. This sort of idea should and could be replicated. 


On small business incentivisation, I agree - but would ask how you’d envisage this working in practice? Aside from the standard subsidies that exist, would you look for *more* subsidies for small business? 


I will find a way to say this in public in the next few days. My whole pitch is to look to the future and appeal to younger voters. The environment is central to that agenda. 


I’d love you to help me shape it further.