Kidney Cancer

I hosted the launch of a new report titled Kidney Cancer: A Spotlight on the Challenges. Approximately 11,900 people in the UK are diagnosed with kidney cancer every year, making it the 7th most common cancer. Incidence is increasing and mortality remains high for those diagnosed with advanced or metastatic disease. However, it is a low political priority.

Experience of care remains poor for many patients with kidney cancer, despite ongoing efforts by the Government to improve this. Insufficient information at the time of diagnosis was reported as was a lack of access to a Clinical Nurse Specialist.

For patients diagnosed with early stage disease, RCC can be completely curable with the vast majority living for five years or more. However, it is predicted that almost 2,400 patients will be diagnosed with advanced or metastatic disease every year and that approximately just a quarter of these patients will survive for more than 12 months. West Cornwall has the tenth highest incidence rate of kidney cancer in the UK, which is one of the reasons I have taken a particular interest in this area. This report should help MPs work better with the industry, patient groups, patients and clinicians so that we can improve treatment for those with kidney cancer.

Left to right, the photo shows – Nick Turkentine, Chief Operating Officer, Kidney Cancer UK; Andrew Jones, National Policy and Access Manager, Bristol-Myers Squibb; myself, Dr Maxine Tran, Senior Lecturer in Renal Cancer and Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeon, Royal Free.