Health and Social Care

“What are your views on the future of NHS services in Cornwall and how they are funded?”

I think it is vital we continue to treat people as close to home as possible and NHS services remain free at the point of use. To achieve this NHS England has asked for an extra £2 Billion each year and the Conservative Party will fund this.

However, under the last Government some regretful decisions were taken and the NHS in Cornwall now pays huge sums of money to private finance companies for the use of some of its buildings. Furthermore, many older people are forced to stay in hospital rather than be cared for in the community and more people in Cornwall use NHS services than ever before.

Prevention is better than the cure and the emphasis must be to encourage healthier lifestyles and increase the take-up of wellbeing checks - in time this will reduce demand.  Cornwall Council must be sure that resources are being used in an efficient and focused manner so that people can leave hospital and be well-cared for in the community - this will relieve much of the pressure.

People I meet who have received urgent medical care have nothing but praise for NHS staff.  We are privileged to have the National Health Service.