Have your say on future flood policy

Over the coming decades, flood and coastal erosion risks will increase as a result of population growth and climate change. Rainfall patterns will change, extreme weather events will become more common and sea levels will rise.

To ensure that we can continue to manage these risks effectively, the government will, by the end of 2019, set out its policy direction to better prepare the country for future flooding and coastal erosion – making the most of the opportunities for wider economic, social and environmental benefits in our towns, countryside and coast.

Defra is therefore seeking evidence on key flood and coastal issues to help develop a flood and coastal erosion and national infrastructure strategy. This will allow them to develop a policy direction that better prepares the country and manages the risks of flooding and coastal erosion. In particular, they are seeking evidence on these key issues:

  • what we understand by the term “resilience”
  • describing outcomes, driving action and monitoring progress
  • adapting to coastal change
  • corporation tax relief for business contributions
  • local funding initiatives for flood risk management
  • developer contributions
  • managing financial risks from flooding

To respond to the consultation (closing 19th August) click here.