General Election 2019: Derek Thomas on Getting Brexit Done

Against all the odds Boris Johnson has negotiated a new deal with Brussels and I am confident that a Conservative Government can finally get Brexit done. 

The deal provides a means to leave smoothly at the end of December 2020 and will also enable the UK to start new trade deals with other non-EU nations.

Settling Brexit will also provide much needed certainty for our fishermen and farmers so that they can get on with building the sustainable industries that will feed us in the future.

The attractiveness of Government’s approach for Cornwall, via funds such as the Shared Prosperity Fund (to replace EU funds) and the recent Towns Fund for Penzance and St Ives is the determination to raise living standards and improve social mobility.

The issue of our membership with the EU must be resolved and I back the plan to get the revised Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament in January. We can then develop our relationship of trade and co-operation with our EU friends, as intended when Britain first voted on this in the 1970s.

Any other outcome than a Conservative election win and the UK will be doomed to more years of uncertainty and valuable resources will be wasted at a time when there are so many other challenges.