General Election 2019: Derek Thomas on Crime and Policing

I welcome Boris Johnson’s recent announcement of 20,000 new police officers over the next three years to strengthen law and order.

I will work to ensure we get our fair share in West Cornwall and that, when they are needed, they are able to respond quickly and effectively.

Confidence in our Police has been eroded by the cut in numbers and I recognise that we need to put this right - officers put their lives on the line each day to protect the public and they should be recognised for this service.

That is why I signed a letter to Boris Johnson urging him to commit to a Police Covenant, giving police officers a guarantee in law that Government recognises the risks they take and ensure they are looked after both in and out of the job – in the same way as Armed Forces personnel are.

I recently sent out a survey to households across West Cornwall and Scilly and one of the sections asked people how they felt police resources should best be deployed – I am collating these responses and if, for example, the top priority is to re-open the front desks of police stations, that is what I will argue should happen.